Spring Cleanup

There’s still a chance of snow in the forecast, but spring is right around the corner. If you are in the lower levels of Kamloops you can probably see most of your lawn! It won’t be long until all the snow is gone and it will be time for spring cleaning.

If your place is like ours you probably have left over leaves from the fall, a garden in need of cleaning out and fruit trees to prune. It’s also time to start prepping your lawn for the growing season a head.

A good spring cleanup consists of removing all the leaves and debris left over from the fall, cleaning out gardens, pruning trees, hedging cedars as well as aerating and power raking the lawn. Mike’s Mowing can help!.

March is an ideal time for pruning your trees because the trees are still dormant and the temperatures stay above freezing. In general, the “pruning season” starts now and continues right up until the trees start to bloom. Regular pruning will help keep your trees healthy and productive while maintaining a nice shape. If you haven’t kept up on your pruning it’s not too late to start! Kamloops Fruit Tree Pruning

March is also the best time to prepare your lawn for the season. With Kamloops’ hot and dry climate a healthy lawn requires a healthy root system. If your soil has become compacted or has a thick layer of thatch the root system will tend to grow closer to the surface, making it more vulnerable to the hot and dry summer weather. To help prevent this it’s a good idea to aerate and dethatch your lawn. Aerating will help reduce soil compaction and improve the ability of water and nutrients to reach the root system. Dethatching or power raking your lawn will remove excess thatch and debris which will also help water and nutrients to reach the root system. Kamloops Lawn Care

That all sounds like a lot of work, so why not give Mike’s Mowing a call and let us do it for you!